Rainbow Suncatcher

     With Fall right around the corner and Summer coming to an end, let’s try to catch the last golden rays of warm sunshine before the cool crisp autumn air settles in. And let’s get that light to shine in all the colors of rainbow to remind us of all the happiness and good times yet to come. Because there’s too much darkness in the world, and sometimes you just need to capture a little light and watch it dance.


Supplies needed:

 Tissue paper in several colors


Foam brush

Clear sheet protector

Mod Podge

Piece of yarn/string

Hole Punch


      With the scissors, cut tissue paper into pieces approximately 1 square inch in size. Next, take the sheet protector and cut it along the crease in the middle, giving you two full sheets. Spread a layer of Mod Podge over each half of the sheet protector using a foam brush. Then, quickly arrange the tissue paper into a colorful pattern on the sheets before the Mod Podge starts to dry (concentrate the pattern towards the center as the edges will be cut off). After arranging the tissue paper, take the foam brush and apply a coat of Mod Podge over it, making sure all the paper is covered and let it dry.


      When the tissue paper is hardened, cut the sheet protectors into any shape you choose, such as a heart, star, or triangle. After cutting out your shapes bend the sheet protectors so the paper peels away from it. Now, grab the hole punch and punch a hole in the top. Take a piece of yarn and thread it through the hole making a loop and tie it at top. Hang in a sunny window and watch the colors dance across the wall.



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