The Basketcase Guide to Giving Gifts

We’ve all been there, a friend’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to get. Or you need a Christmas gift for your sister and you’re out of ideas. Whatever the occasion, sometimes you just don’t know what to give as a gift and here at, we would like to help with our handy gift giving guide below.

The Basketcase Guide to Giving Gifts

Take time to think about the person and what he/she means to you

 You might think the answer is obvious but, that’s not always the case.  Sure, you know love Uncle Freddy as much as your father and that life wouldn’t be the same with the friendship of Jack and Susan. The question is why do you feel that way?  Take a few moments to think of the reasons and you’ll be on way to finding that perfect gift.

Think about the person’s interests 

It shouldn’t be a shock to you that not everyone likes the same things. Even among your friends, I’m sure there is one that’s a little bit country while another one is little bit rock-n-roll. Try to find something that reflects a unique interest of hers.  For example, a sketch pad and a set of watercolor pencils for the friend who likes to draw or, tickets to a concert for the one who can’t stop dancing.

Look for something that reflects her personal style or taste 

Everyone does things in their own way and taking the time to realize what that is can turn a good gift into a great one. Maybe that friend who likes to draw prefers to do charcoal sketches instead of using watercolor pencils and switching out the watercolors for charcoal can make it more meaningful. And didn’t Kristine the Dancing Queen say how much she wanted to learn to Tango? So perhaps dance lessons would be better than concert tickets to show you care.

Look to memories you share together

Not every gift has to be something new, often times the most cherished  things are those items associated with precious moments from the past. We all have good times with our friends and family. Why not try to find something that evokes some of those memories like a bottle of wine from the vineyard in Napa Valley that you all visited five years and no one can seem to find. One sip brings everyone back and you may have found the perfect gift.

Think about the sentimental value of the item

This can seem difficult at first, but with a little thought, it could bring a smile to her face whenever she looks at it. It doesn’t have to be some extravagant thing; all it needs to be is something with heartfelt meaning.  You can even make it yourself, if you are so inclined. Or get some keepsake that lets her know what you think of her.   

Think about what the person needs 

We all know that things sometimes break. We, also, know that people hate buying things twice. They think it should last forever, no matter how unrealistic it is. In certain instances, replacing an often used broken item can be a great present. For example, your mother keeps complaining about the vacuum not picking up the crumbs on the floor. Save her the trouble of going to the store and surprise her with a new one.

Don’t worry about the cost

A lot of times when people look for gifts, they concentrate on the price of the item and disregard things deemed too inexpensive. But the cost of an item isn’t what matters when giving a gift, it’s the thought and meaning behind it that counts. If you find something you think is perfect, get it and watch his eyes light up when he opens it.

Remember it’s about them, not you

When looking for a gift always remember it’s about what the other person likes, not what you think she should like. Gifts are much more meaningful when you can show her that you care about what she thinks and who she is as a person.


Follow these steps and you are sure to find the perfect gift. However, if you still can’t figure it out… Don’t go crazy. Send a Basketcase. Our products will bring a smile to the face of whoever receives them. Take a look at our top quality gift baskets and see for yourself.


Happy gift giving!!!

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