Ghost in a Jar

If you’re anything like me, ever since you saw Ghostbusters, you’ve wanted your very own pet ghost. I know some of you are saying that ghosts don’t exist; and even if they did, they’re impossible to catch. Let alone, make tame enough to keep them as pets. Well, to all the naysayers, may I present to you the one, the only… ghost in a jar. This little guy is the perfect Halloween decoration for next party, or to just have around the house for the holiday. Of course, you can always keep it as a pet to prove the doubters wrong. But if you do, please remember to name it.


You will need: 

  • 1 large, clear glass jar. 
  • Glow-in-the-dark spray paint. 
  • Black spray paint. 
  • Polyester fiberfill. 
  • Wire coat hanger or large gauge craft wire.
  • Wire cutters
  • Small black beads. 
  • Glue. 
  • Paintbrush. 
  • Air-drying clay. 
  • Silver scrapbook paper. 
  • Scissors. 
  • Black tissue paper. 
  • Rubber band. 
  • Black ribbon. 
  • Paper plate. 
  • Flameless votive candles (battery operated). 


To begin, take the black spray paint and lightly coat the top and bottom of the jar. When done, you should be able to see inside the jar.  Set aside to let the paint dry. 

Next, cut an eight-inch piece of wire. This will form the frame of your ghost. Grab a mound of air-dry clay and stick the ends of the wire into it, forming a misshapen loop imbedded in the clay. The ghost should stand upright, if done properly.  Let the clay dry. 

Cover the frame of your ghost with fiberfill and spray it with glow in the dark spray paint. Once dry, glue beads to the head of the ghost for eyes and set it in the jar. Cut a piece of silver scrapbook paper and place it behind the ghost inside the jar. This creates a reflection in the dark paint and makes the ghost look more ethereal. 

Using scissors, cut a paper plate to fit over the opening of the jar and paint both sides black. Make a hole in the center of the plate and place the votive candle, facedown, in the hole. Take the painted plate and place it over the rim of the jar so the light shines on the ghost. Tape it down, if necessary, but the plate should be a little larger than the hole, so it doesn't fall in. Cut several pieces of black tissue paper about two inches larger than the opening and use them to cover the plate circle and candle at the top of the jar. Secure them around the rim of the opening with a rubber band, and then cover the rubber band with ribbon tied in a bow

Place the jar on an end table or a mantel and now you have a pet ghost of your very own. And don’t forget to name it.

To turn the votive on and off, remove the ribbon, rubber band, and tissue paper.


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