Duct Tape Rose Pen

It’s back to school time again; and though it might look a bit different this year, it can’t be avoided. So, let’s send them to class with a little homemade style. After all, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Unless, of course, if that rose was really a pen. 



Supplies needed:


 Green duct tape.

 Any other color of duct tape for the rose.

 Barrel pen.



 Plastic mat.


To make a large rose, cut 23 two-inch-square pieces of the colored duct tape or 11 pieces, if you would prefer to make a small rose. Place the pieces on a plastic mat with the sticky side up. Take the first one and fold a corner down about halfway across the square to form a triangle, leaving a half inch of the sticky side uncovered at the bottom. Take the opposite corner of the square and fold it over to meet the outer edge of the first fold in the middle of the tape square. When done properly, the piece should look like a wide triangle with a strip of stickiness at the bottom. Do the same to all the remaining squares to make the petals.  After they are made, take scissors and trim the petals to slightly round the bottom where the sticky side is showing.

Next, wrap the pen with a long piece of green tape. Start just above the tip and wrap it until you get an inch from the top of the pen, leaving approximately an inch tape hanging loose.

Now we can assemble the flower. To create the center of the rose, roll one of the triangular petal pieces around the non-taped portion of the pen with the rounded side facing the top of the pen, using the sticky side to attach it. Continue to attach triangles to the pen. Keeping the rounded sides facing the top, continue to attach the triangles to the pen, overlapping the petals slightly. After attaching the last petal, wrap the remaining green tape around the bottom layer of petals covering and securing the blossom to the pen.

To make the sepals of the flower, cut two two-inch squares out of green duct tape and follow the process used to make the petals. Wrap them around the stem at the base of the rose with one on each side. When done, you’re all set to start working on your masterpiece.  




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