Dirt Cake

Wonderfully tasty delicious dirt, just like you used to eat as a kid. Okay, not really, but it does look like it. This easy to make treat is to earn you a hill of praise from everyone who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty.


1 ¼ oz. package Oreo cookies

8oz. softened cream cheese

1 cup confectioners’ sugar

¼ cup softened margarine

12oz. cool whip

2 packages vanilla instant pudding

3 cups of milk

½ teaspoon vanilla

10” flower pot


Crush Oreo cookies and set them aside

Place cream cheese, sugar, margarine, and cool whip in a bowl and mix thoroughly 

In a separate bowl, mix the instant pudding and milk adding the ½ teaspoon of vanilla to the mixture

Combine the two mixtures into one bowl and blend together

Take flower pot and add a layer of crushed cookies to the bottom

Spoon some of the mixture on top of the cookies to create another layer

Add more cookies followed by more of the mixture continuing to layer the cake making sure to end with a top layer of crushed cookies


Refrigerate for 2 - 3 hours

Decorate with silk flowers and/or gummy worms

Serve chilled


 If you have a simple recipe you would like to share with us here at Deliciously Crafty, please email us at Recipes@abasketcasegift.com and you may see your idea featured in a future post.  
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