Craft Stick Spider

The itsy-bitsy spider went… Wherever you want it to go with this simple Halloween craft. The perfect activity to do with your little one to put her in the holiday spirit. It’s fun, easy, and the one time she won’t come running at you screaming to kill the spider. Your Aunt Edna, on the other hand, still might run out of the room screaming and never come back. So, if you don’t like your Aunt Edna and are looking for an activity for the kids, this might just be the craft for you.


 You will need: 

  • Regular craft sticks. 
  • Hot glue gun or Tacky glue. 
  • Black and white felt. 
  • Scissors. 
  • Black acrylic paint. 
  • Paintbrush or foam brush. 


Begin by painting the front and back of four craft sticks with black paint and set them aside to dry. Next, Take the scissors and cut out two one-inch-diameter circles from the white felt and two half-inch-diameter circles from the black. Using tacky glue, glue the black circles to the center of the white ones to make eyes for the spider. For the body, cut a three-inch-diameter circle from black felt. Now, it’s time to construct our spider. 

After making sure the paint is dry, take two of the craft sticks and form a skinny X shape, gluing the pieces together with hot glue or tacky glue (hot glue is preferred). With the other two craft sticks, make a wider X, also gluing them together. Cross the two X shapes on top of each other, so that the spider will have four legs on either side and glue them down. Place glue on the spider body and attach it to the middle of the craft sticks. Glue on the eyes and there you it. An itsy-bitsy spider of your very own to put down the water spout or wherever else you want to put it.


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