Sweet Treats Valentine Gift Box


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The Sweet Treats Valentine Gift Box includes:  Happy Valentine's day box, 5"  plush teddy bears, Hershey Milk Chocolate kisses 3 oz, Assorted Chocolate truffles 2 oz., Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie, Cella's cherry cordials 1.7 oz, Dolcetto chocolate cream center wafer roll cookies 4.4 oz, Fontazzi Butter Toffee pretzels 2oz., Cinnamon Butter Toffee caramel corn 4 oz, Old Dominion Butter Peanut Brittle 3 oz, Bauducco Mini Vanilla Panettone cake 3.5 oz. Completed gift measures 8" long by 8" wide and 11" tall, comes sealed and topped with ah handmade bow. Completed gift weighs 3 pounds.

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