Halloween Brownies Assortment


SKU: LF-BRH8-bx6

Halloween Brownies are a delicious twist on a classic favorite...Our special Brownie Recipe is choc-full of rich Belgian Chocolate! We use 3 times the amount of chocolate that a regular brownie would have, leaving you with a product that's devilishly delicious and chocolate-y! Hand-dipped in a top coat of Belgian Dark, Milk or White Chocolate, each of our Halloween Brownies is decorated with adorable Halloween decorations -including hand-crafted Royal Icing witches, pumpkins, ghosts & other favorite spooky characters, non-pariels and edible candy confetti ghosts & pumpkins. Each Brownie is hand-packed in a signature clear top gift box tied with ribbon.  The Halloween Brownies Assortment includes: 6 assorted brownies, clear top gift box

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